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DroneUp Acquires Airmap: Another Move Towards Drone Ops on a Very, Very Big Scale Posted By: Miriam McNabbon: December 07, 2021 DroneUp acquires AirMapDroneUp acquires AirMap: combining global airspace management with DroneUp’s network, fleet, and infrastructure. Tom Walker, DroneUp’s CEO, doesn’t do things by halves. DroneUp has grown swiftly as a drone services provider; developing proprietary software, infrastructure, and a robust, well-trained pilot network.  They’ve been instrumental in defining the boundaries of what can be accomplished within the confines of existing regulations, showing value while flying within visual line of sight (VLOS).  With a major investment from one of the world’s largest retailers – Walmart – DroneUp has secured a place on the front lines of drone delivery, establishing the first multi-site Walmart drone delivery operation – and setting the stage for one of the first large scale drone delivery programs in the world. Walmart presents an opportunity for

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What's better than Uber or Lift? Flying Taxis! The Future is Now!!

Drone taxi service – passenger drones We have a question, is it still a  drone  if you are inside of it? Doesn’t that just make it a helicopter? Semantics aside, there is no doubt that passenger drones are coming. We’ve heard of drone taxi services in theory, now let’s see who’s building a flying pod for you. The big race at this stage of the game is to be the first to market.  eHang  was supposed to be one of the first, flying in Dubai, but legal and safety testing have delayed the ambitious start date. This means that the race is still on – let’s see some contenders. Where can I fly today?  Nowhere. As far as publicly accessible drone flights go, there are no active services as of June 2021. Passenger drones Airbus Vahana Boeing PAV Bell Nexus Intel Volocopter E-volo eHang 184 Passenger Drone SureFly KittyHawk Flyer and Cora As you might imagine, there is a lot more to a passenger drone than just making a large scale version of the toys we fly at home. If nothing else, the size of th

The future of Unmanned Flight has stepped up a notch...

https:// o/great-electric-airplane-race/ … @ladronemangram we can't wait for the future of clean energy flight. Great Electric Airplane Race Will electric planes replace polluting airliners and lead to flying taxis in our cities? .org

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No more off days for Firemen?

  Drone Swarms for Firefighting: the Future of Fire Supression?   staff 4 weeks ago image ©Danielle Rossi Are drone swarms for firefighting the future of fire supression?  New work from engineer and mathematician Elena Ausonio and a team of Italian researchers suggests that they could be. The following is a guest post by Max Lenz, Executive Editor and project manager at the Berlin-based  DroneMasters  Boost  GmbH and editor of the weekly  DroneMasters Briefing .  DRONELIFE neither makes nor accepts payment for guest posts. Drone Swarms for Firefighting Wildland fires are a growing problem in various regions of the world. Due to climate change and changing landscape conditions, there is an increase in fire risk and more frequent forest fires with significant impacts on nature and people. Almost all continents have experienced large fires in recent years that were impossible or difficult to control using conventional firefighting methods. Elena Ausonio from the Department of Mechanical E